4 Steps Towards Avoiding a Hangover

Well, alcohol does a few things to the body in which cumulates a hangover. If you want to simply Avoid Hangover Headache, then one should try Dotshot – Hangover Beverage. It consists of natural ingredients and essential vitamins to avoid Hangover Headache.

The ethanol in alcohol lowers glucose levels in the blood and even more so in the brain. Glucose gives the brain most of its energy so as a result when glucose levels drop dramatically the results cause you to feel really crazy. This is why mood swings, fatigue, and overall weakness is experienced.

Alcohol depletes the detoxification agents in the liver – no explanation needed I hope. This point ties into congeners which I will chat about in a few.

Booze is a diuretic and dehydrates the body horribly.

Congeners don’t help the situation either. I used to think that people who said certain types of alcohol made for worse hangovers were full of it (I thought this years ago when I didn’t know anything). Well, congeners are in fact impurities and toxins found in booze. There are more congeners in aged spirits (brown liquor) than in un-oaked spirits. Alcohols with the MOST congeners are the cheap, bad quality products that don’t distill their product correctly, or that cut corners with ingredients and production and/or that add colorings and artificial flavorings to the product.

With that being said here is what I believe to be the best options for the avid drinker to minimize a hangover and/or help alleviate one when it occurs again. Here we go:

1. Eat before, during, and after drinking. It slows the intoxication rate so you can drink without going from 0 to 60. Never, never ever drink on an empty stomach!

2. Drink plenty of water! Ideally you should down at least 1 full glass of water per beverage consumed. Water with added electrolytes works wonders.

3. Drink quality! A nice buzz and a headache are two different things! Quality booze results in a quality drinking experience and will help you ease out of bed in the morning! One more thing that I can’t stress enough – just because it’s a popular brand or your favorite rapper drinks it does not mean its quality! Do your own research on brands.

4. Know when to stop drinking. If you are stumbling about, slurring words and embarrassing yourself then maybe you should stop. There is a reason why you have to be an adult to consume alcohol.

But if you just do not want to try these ways out, you can just go for Dotshot – Hangover Beverage. It consists of natural ingredients and essential vitamins to avoid Hangover Headache.


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