Brain Foods That Work For You

Funny as it sounds, can berries really help you when it comes to your tests? Taking tests, quizzes, or exams can be mentally and physically tiring as it requires your ability to focus. There are a wide variety of brain foods which are scientifically tested to have positive effects on the ability to focus, remember, and concentrate. However, not all brain foods are believed to be helpful to all test takers, as varying physical states require different amounts of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Some lack Vitamin A, while some is a Vitamin B deficit; this makes it hard to recommend or suggest just the right food choice that really helps in concentration and memorization. The big part of this entire confusion upon the right food choice isn’t that complicated.

On the other hand, it is rather simple if one is able to determine what the body needs to be completed. Similar to those of battery drainers, if you know the core of the problem, the battery life is elongated and will therefore return back to its initial state or its norms. When it comes to the selection of the right food choices, it is best to first determine what the body needs to remain physically fit. Being healthy and physically fit means a lot to the body; knowing what your body needs will help provide the essentials required to boost confidence and therefore would be a benefit for test takers in general.

To boost your memory, concentration, and the ability to focus on that important day of your test, it is highly crucial to consider some of the beneficial brain foods. Let’s see some of the best brain foods to help you skip the cramming and go all the way to ace the tests.

Blueberries. Yes, blueberries are found to be beneficial just before the test date if you eat them fresh or frozen. As it helps to protect the brain from oxidative stress and reduces the possible effects of brain-related diseases like Dementia, eating blueberries two to three days before the test date actually helps your brain to relax and relieves its own stress.

Nuts and seeds. Both buts and seeds are excellent sources of Vitamin E. If your body needs Vitamin E, that means the area of cognition needs a quick fix. It is tested that nuts and seeds of all kinds contain high amount of Vitamin E which corresponds very well with less cognitive decline as one ages. So, why not nuts for appetizers?

Green tea. Freshly brewed green tea. As boring as it sounds, as dull as it tastes, green tea contains all the brain needs to function well before taking a test. Containing a modest, just the right amount of caffeine the brain needs to ‘act up’, green tea enhances your memory. Also with its high potent antioxidants orĀ catechines, green tea promotes blood circulation deemed important for the brain to function well.

Water. Yes, water! 8 or more cups of room temperature water helps your body flush away all the unwanted toxins and wastes it collects from excessive amount of consumed matter. Believe it or not, active and daily bowel movements help increase the ability to concentrate, relax, and stops the body from excessive stressing!

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