Chocolate and Flavored Milk: Why Choose Them?

Controversy is reaching the top level with people discussing about plain milk or flavored milk and chocolate milk. No one is sure which one is better for the children and would benefit them. The flavored milk is said to have the same essential qualities that white milk possess. What is more in it is that it has added sugar to add taste to it. This sugar is three and a half percent of the extra sugar that children do consume and 2 percent of what the teenagers consume. Other drinking materials are fruit refreshments, sodas, etc. studies show that teens who consume flavored milk have complete nutritional level than those who do not consume them.

Another reason of encouraging chocolate milk is that the lull the children to consume the milk, which otherwise they are reluctant about. This creates an imbalance in the nutritional level of the children which is surely not appreciable. It was observed in schools that by serving plain milk in the dormitory the ingestion dropped rapidly.

Thus, it became very much evident from the observation that flavored milk was necessary to make the children consume milk. Even the professional wellness organizations do prefer that the children and adolescents should be given flavored and fat-free milk.

What are the essential nutrients of milk?

Milk provides many essential nutrients. These are-

• The calcium needs of the teenage girls and boys are supplied.

• The phosphorous levels are provided.

• The daily diet of vitamin D is fulfilled which is important for the nutrition.

The white and flavored milk contain all these like the vitamin D, calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin. Milk is a good way to get the required proteins and minerals, potassium, Vitamin B12 and vitamin A.

How does that help?

Those eight ounces can help your child equally when he consumes 2 baby carrots, or 1 normal sized banana, or several cups of broccoli or baked salmon.

Thus, make it a habit for your child to consume milk and make it a part of the daily diet. If the diet is complete the child will have better health and better growth over the years and keep them away from diseases. It is one of the important things to remember.

If they do not agree with you to consume milk make them have the flavored or the chocolate ones. I am sure they are going to love it and finish their glasses fast, asking you for more.

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