Delicious Thai Foods You Must Try

Thai food is world famous food for its exotic flavors and delicious taste. The combination of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavors make Thai cuisine so distinct and unique. Out of all the food items, Thai’s national soup Tom Yam is more enticing and noticeable worldwide. Apart from this soup, there are numerous veg and non-veg Thai recipes that cater to the tastes of many people across the globe. For such people who would like to taste international cuisines and who are traveling to Thai, here we are enlisting few Top Thai food that is easy to cook and are widely accepted around the world.

• Tom Yam Goong: The national soup of Thai that uses the wide variety of fragrant herbs such as, Lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, and shallots with chilies and fish sauce. This is the best start for a meal and is a fine combination of spicy hot and sour and can be served with rice.

• Pad Thai: Thai’s best food that needs no introduction in world’s cuisine and is the top preferred continental dish. Though there are numerous variations in the preparation of Pad Thai, the most famous and conventional Pad Thai recipe is preferred and loved most. The conventional Pad Thai is made up of noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, onion, and a final touch with peanuts.

• Kuay Tiew: Also known as Noodle Soup. A quick and easy to make the recipe to the culinary world that is made of Noodles either thin or thick as per your choice with any edible meat such as pork, chicken, beef, duck, and seafood.

• Som Tam: Som tam is a ‘ spicy papaya salad ‘ famous in northeast Thailand, but it has occupied a prominent place in Thai’s culinary cult due to its impeccable taste, flavor and easy to cook nature. Though there are numerous variations in the preparation of some, the most common ingredients in all recipes are shredded green papaya stirred in heat and served with Barbequed chicken and lumps of sticky rice.

• Gai Med Ma Moung: Famously known as Chicken Cashew Nuts. The ingredients for this dish include roasted cashew nuts, honey, sweet soy sauce, chilies, and garlic.

• Geng Kheaw Wan Gai: Green Curry Chicken, A very famous Thai dish that seems to be like an Indian curry as this dish seems to be Thai’s version borrowed from Indian cuisine. This is simply a combination of various vegetables fried and added with coconut milk and can be served well with sticky rice.

• Tom Kha Gai: Also known as boiled galangal chicken which combines coconut milk with lemongrass, ginger and chicken. It’s a delicious combination that stands out of all other Thai dishes.

• Kao Phad: Simple fried rice augmented with the meat of your choice, egg, onion, cilantro, garlic, and tomatoes. Serve it with chili sauce to add pep to the rice.

• Massaman Curry: Thai’s famous Muslim Curry made up of coconut milk, potatoes, roasted peanuts, bay leaves, sugar, cinnamon, and tamarind sauce with the meat of your choice.

• Khao man gai – A combination of chicken and rice and is a replica of British fish and chips. This Thai food is very easy to make as it includes boiled rice, chicken and served with sweet and spicy sauces.

There are even more Thai delicacies that is a must try. Thai foods have become common in restaurants and the authentic ones are prepared in several homes too.

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