Edible Printing: Makes Boring Food Attractive


It is used to decorate birthday cakes and desserts which are fit for human consumption. They are of various forms and can be used to garnish our food items and make them all the more attractive and mouthwatering.


It can be seen at birthday parties, marriage functions, baby showers, office parties. Whenever there is a birthday party, a birthday cake is a must and birthday cake these days look extremely attractive because of them.

Even at marriage functions, wedding cakes are brought and we often see miniatures of a bride and a groom on the wedding cake. This is nothing but edible printing.

We also buy cakes and desserts on official functions, success parties and baby showers and they are a must for such occasions as well.


They come in various forms:

· Food pens

· Icing sheets

· Edible Inks

· Edible printing solutions

· Icing sugar

Food pens: If you have ever visited a cake shop, you must have noticed a food pen. A food pen is used to write names on cakes and cupcakes and other edibles. On your birthday, you must have asked for your name to be scribbled on the birthday cake. This is done by the food pen itself. Food pens are made from food colorings and thus different food pens can give different colors as per our requirements.

Icing sheets: Icing sheets are very thin, flavorless, white colored sheets that can be passed through a printer. When it has been printed and dried; it does not break or crack easily. It is easily manageable and is placed on food items. These days, we find various graphics and even our own pictures printed on a cake. This is done with the help of icing sheets. Icing sheets are made with water, corn syrup, corn starch, cellulose, glycerin, sugar, vanilla, etc.

Edible Inks: Edible inks are used to print graphics or pictures on the icing sheets. The edible inks come in the form of cartridges which are inserted in the printers to print the graphics on the icing sheets. The edible inks are mostly made of sugar solution and different food colorings and can print the graphics quite accurately.

Edible printing solutions: Edible printing solutions come in a wide range of colors. While buying an edible printing solution for our printer, we need to make sure that the company from which we are purchasing our product is authentic and does not cause any adverse effect to our health.

Icing sugar: Icing sugar is nothing but finely powdered sugar that can be used as frostings over ice creams and cakes. It is also called confectioners’ sugar. Icing sugars can be used in recipes like fondant, marshmallows and cream fills. It is made of edible cornstarch and sugar and gives an attractive look to bakery products and desserts.

Thus we see how Edible Printing has given an entirely new shape to the baking industry. Our site gives you an idea about various types of edible printing and how they are used in our food items.

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