Go for a Drink in Greymouth

Hotels in Greymouth New Zealand

Do you like to go for a drink and are visiting Greymouth on the South Island’s West Coast for whatever reason?

Greymouth has some nice hotels where you can relax for a drink with friends and talk to the locals who will be pleased to tell you about their town. One of the nicest memories you can take with you when on holiday is meeting the locals, so as far as going for a drink, where do you start? Well, that all depends on where your accommodation is situated, if you are staying near the centre of Greymouth, there are more options for you if you are just using public transport, but even if you are driving then you would want to go to a place near your accommodation.


This is at the southern end of town out at Karoro. It is quite a nice place and an excellent place for a meal. If you are saying at a Seaside holiday camp then this is the nearest hotel.


This is on High Street, opposite the Swimming Pool and Recreation Centre.


This is an old style type of hotel in Herbert Street.

Millennium HOTELS

This is Greymouth’s most upmarket hotel. It is centrally located along Mawhera Quay.


Right in the centre of town on Mawhera Quay, the Railway, as it is often called, is near the train and bus stations.


Just along from the Railway Hotel is the Speights Ale House. This is not a hotel however, but I decided to add this one here because it is such a great place for a drink and a meal.


In Herbert Street is Monteith’s Brewery where you can take a brewery tour and go for a drink and a meal there.

So there you are; a good selection of bars to choose from.

Greymouth is a town with a lot of attractions and places to visit. If you are travelling on public transport from Christchurch then taking the Tranzalpinetrain is the way to go; this is one of the world’s most scenic rail journeys.

Shantytown is worth a visit; it is a remake of an old West Coast town. Here you will see what a typical West Coast town of years gone by looked like. It is five miles south of Greymouth, if you are on your own with no transport then you could share a taxi with others or hire a bike.

Greymouth has a first class internet service and you can take advantage of this with free internet access in the public library.

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