Here’s 2017’s Top Buffet Trends

Donuts, cronuts and all things round

Cupcakes and macaroons have had their day in the sun. This year is all about the humble donut, and all of its latest incarnations! Recently, the donut was transformed into the ‘cronut’ – a donut made from the pastry of a croissant, creating a delicious, layered treat that guests are sure to love. Cronuts started off as a huge trend in the US, but they’ve crossed the pond this year, with a London bakery even introducing a ‘Crème Egg’ cronut to celebrate Easter. Guests will be mightily impressed by a donut and cronut combo at any event.

Casual canapes

Throw out the smoked salmon and filo pastry parcels – canapes have gone all casual this year. Help guests to relax with miniature burgers and pizzas – and wash it down with a miniature glass of the most popular beverages, whether it’s a shot of strawberry milkshake or a tiny helping of Coke. If you’re throwing a corporate event, these fun and laid-back canapes can help break the ice a little, helping everyone to loosen up and enjoy themselves.

‘Graze’ stations

Some clients are now shunning canapes altogether, opting instead to install a ‘graze station’ at their event. Canapes can be expensive, and you’ll also need to hire the staff to work their way around the room, offering the light bites to guests. Graze stations can be manned by fewer staff, and they can also provide a lot more variety for guests, who can mix-and-match the dishes that they want. Themed graze stations are also a great idea – why not opt for a Mexican-themed station with an abundance of flavours, or a station packed with delicacies from the Far East? The key here is to ensure that each food on the station is small enough to be taken with one hand, with no plates required – otherwise it’d just be a standard buffet table! Be sure to engage a top catering company with experience of this area of cuisine.

Street food

Bring a pop-up into your private event and offer an eclectic array of delicious street food to your guests. Street food is often packed with flavour, and because it’s prepared in large batches, it’s ideal for the buffet-style setup. Try to make sure you choose a street food that isn’t too messy! Mexican churros are a great idea, as are Malaysian noodles – but if your choice is sauce-heavy, your guests might have trouble keeping their outfits pristine.

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