How Much Sugar and Caffeine Is in Some Soda and Energy Drinks?

This is one of the areas that may escape the notice of many who feel thirsty and just need to drink something. The question is why are they ignorant of the amount of sugar in each container of soda? It’s mostly due to the fact that such is hidden from them while warning labels should be made compulsory. It is the right of all consumers to know what they are putting into their stomachs and the health risk associated with such drinks.

Because sugar produces a ‘high’ many don’t care to know while others just go with the flow. Energy drinks are becoming more popular as so many young people use them instead of alcohol to get their ‘fix’. Unfortunately, some will die from their consumption as they hold some 20 plus spoonful’s of sugar.

The body cannot handle such a massive input of the substance. It is not only sugar, however, that is to blame as these drinks are loaded with caffeine. A super sized container will have the equivalent of up to 4 cups of coffee, some 375 mg of it. That is way beyond what the body would normally be expected to handle.

A normal sized bottle of the most popular soda contains some 16 to 17 spoons of sugar, and parents are frequently seen giving these to young children, some just toddlers.

The problem is there are no warning labels about either of the substances these drinks contain. Young people are known to die suddenly after consuming energy drinks but the facts are that money talks. Companies producing these products will continue to hide the facts about their products unless the public demand to be informed.

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