Juicing Oranges With Best Citrus Juicer

Orange juice is a wonder drink full of nutrition and antioxidants. It has become the latest health fads with thousands of people drinking the juice every day.

The discovery of health benefits of orange is nothing new as for thousands of years the Chinese having been using it in their medicines. It offers several health advantages to those drink the juice of oranges daily. It is not at all surprising that orange juice has become a daily habit as those who consume experience increased energy levels and better immunity. Only recently has juicing taken off in a really big way. It has been touted as the cure from cancer to obesity.

Though we are not out to prove or disprove any of these claims we instantly know that juices pack nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and enzymes which are generally beneficial to our health. It doesn’t hurt to drink juice.

While cold press machines are just another type of juicing machine that uses brute power of its motor to first crush and then press fruits and vegetables fed to it to extract liquid. Have you wondered why some machines are called cold press juicing machines? What does it mean?

Does it make any significant difference to your juicing? These are some questions that swirl in your mind as you decide to take the plunge in to the world of juicing.

There are literally hundreds of choices in juicing appliances and on top is the confusing terms like fast, centrifugal, masticating, slow, twin-gear, single-auger and cold press. If you desire a juicing machine of large capacity that can process loads of fresh fruits and vegetables in the shortest amount of time the fast centrifugal juicing machine is perfect for this type of requirement.

A fast juicing machine extracts maximum amount of juice from hard vegetables and fruits as well as citrus fruits. It looks good on the kitchen counter with its superb looks and sleek design.

The safety features and two-speed juicing are the other reasons for the popularity of the juicing machine. The large pulp bin helps in juicing for longer time without stopping. The juicing machine is also easy to operate with an unique reverse function which helps in easy cleaning and un-clogging of machine.

Powerful motor and 7-spiral auger design helps the Amzchef slow juicing machine to juice efficiently and effectively. It rotates at a very slow speed of 80 rpm so neither heat nor oxidation are major problems. Heating and oxidations destroy nutrients in the juice.

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