Know the Essential Elements of Thai Grocery

Technology has brought the world close enough that the cuisine of a certain place is not confined. Thai cooking has become quite popular and is profoundly known for the exquisite yet subtle taste. Some of the main elements of Thai grocery are spices, lemongrass and fish sauce. Rice balls are very common including Thai noodles and are considered as staples.

Herbs and spices are other necessities in Thai cuisine preparation. They are used both in dried and fresh form. These provide the typical strong aroma. Lemongrass, basil, cilantro, coriander, grachai, ginger and most prominently chili. Thai chili is loved by spice lovers from around the world. The herbs provide the ultimate flavoring to the food. They are best when used fresh, yet dried form can also be used after soaking in water before adding into the food.

Bamboo shoots are rarely used in other cuisines. Tender bamboo shoots are added in salads, curries and also in rice dishes. They are very healthy and are cooked or steamed holding its nutritional value.

Another quality of Thai food is that there is no need for a knife to consume the food. Meat or fish is shredded into small pieces before cooking. Most dishes need to be stir-fried or deep fried and consequently require a wok. Rice baskets and curry pots are other requisites which can be found easily in Thai groceries shops. Food is eaten with a chopstick, fork and spoon.

Coconut milk can be bought in cans or freshly prepared. Dried coconut powder has a long shelf life and can be used as required. Fish sauces, Shrimp paste, and Thai curry paste are other Thai cooking products which can be stocked with a reasonable shelf life. Fish sauce from fermented prawns will give the authentic flavoring to food. Kaffir leaf is an ingredient that leaves most people perplexed while preparing to cook a Thai food. They can be bought easily from websites selling Thai grocery online.

By understanding the technique of Thai cooking, and a pantry stocked with crucial Thai ingredients, along with the perfect recipe, the dream of preparing one’s own Thai platter would not be a very difficult task. You can even add the tinge of Thai flavoring to your own recipes with the common ingredients like fish sauce and herbs. There is a wide choice of dishes from simple salads to complicated ones that can be made with ease.

With Thai groceries being available in online market, getting ready to try some Thai cooking is no longer a cumbersome chore.

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