Let’s Talk Recreational Fire

Fire for man, was the genesis of everything! With fire, man could keep warm, have light and cook food. Cooked food, not raw, created an evolution for a changed diet for man forever.

Initially to contain fire, it is thought that early man dug a hole in the ground and surrounded the hole with rocks and stones to keep the fire from spreading. Fire was destructive if not contained, but helpful for warmth and light when kept under control.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and man has developed all types of utensils to create recreational fire for patios, gardens and social gatherings or events. These utensils are referred to as fire pits and are available in many shapes, sizes and designs. This is the creation by modern man for warmth and light for social gatherings. Of course, the commonality of all fire pits, is to keep fire contained.

As outdoor fire pits have evolved, there are basically two types; wood burning and gas burning.

Wood burning are constructed of metal, brick, stone, steel, iron, concrete and any other metal or items that can withstand high temperatures. Some have grates on top for the ability to cook food.

Although there are many types of wood burning fire pits, the majority of them are round as in a bowl, However, they can also be square, rectangular or octagon. The shape and size of the you choose is purely personal preference.

As they vary in size and shape, they also vary in price. There are more than likely several good ones on the market starting at $99.00 or less, or whatever you want to pay. The more elaborate, the more expensive.

Gas burning fire pits are the next step in outdoor fire pits. These can look almost exactly like their wood burning counterparts, but most are designed to be more refined and sophisticated.

Gas burning fire pits can burn using natural gas or liquid propane(LP). Most use liquid propane in a 20 pound cylinder. However, the very large ones ares usually natural gas.

Some can have inserts that create the look of burning logs. Others use glass in different colors to create different outdoor settings and moods. While some have steel or metal look like logs in a “V” shape to give them the height and look of fire.

These also vary in size and price. They are usually larger, more sophisticated, and serve a much diverse population. There are probably many on the market for under $200.00, but the majority of the them will be several hundred dollars. Some can be in the thousands of dollars for those who want to make a statement.

Remember, the type and style of fire pit you choose for your outdoor patio, is as important as how much heat it produces. Whether you choose gas or wood burning, they can generally be used in your garden or patio any time of the year.

Whether you choose a basic wood burning fire pit or elaborate natural gas or liquid propane one, choose the one the fits your budge, lifestyle and social needs. Outdoor fire pits create a unique social magnet that provides warmth, conversation and relaxation. Don’t miss this opportunity to regularly socialize with friends or neighbors.

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