Pomona’s Pectin – Unique and Natural – Sugar Free Jam Making

What is different about Pomona’s Pectin? I went on a search for the answer to that question on the internet. I have used it but I wanted some other opinions and input. The first thing that caught my attention is that Pomona’s is the only pectin that is pure pectin. Other brands are not pure. Traditional pectin has dextrose a corn derivative or other acids. These things are added to make the pectin easier to mix with the fruit, but may not be what we want to eat.

Because it is pure pectin, you cannot add Pomoma’s Pectin to the fruit directly or it will clump. Always stir the pectin into an amount of dry sweetener that is no more than ½ the amount of mashed fruit or juice. Always stir the pectin into an amount of liquid sweetener that is no more than ¼ the amount of mashed fruit or juice. Add any remaining sweetener after the pectin is dissolved.

There is another thing you need to know about Pomona’s pectin. This pectin must be mixed well in enough sweetener to keep the pectin grains from clumping together in the hot fruit. If you follow these guidelines, and have a recipe, you will be successful and you will love your jam or jelly.

The reason I like to use Pomona’s is because it doesn’t gel with sugar, but calcium and it is derived from citrus peel. This means that you do not have to use a set amount of sugar to make the jam or jelly set up to the consistency that you want. Prior to finding Pomona’s, I had used Clear Gel to make freezer jam so I didn’t have to put so much sugar in it. Pomona’s Pectin makes a better texture in the jam or jelly. I can use any type of sweetener I want and as much as I want.

It helps to start your jam making experience using the recipes included or developed by the manufacturer, but you are not limited to them and there are tips on their web site to help you in developing your own recipes.

You can buy Pomona’s pectin in a 1 oz. package that will make 2 to 4 batches, or a ½ lb. or 1 lb. bag. It will keep indefinitely without going bad or getting too old to gel.

If you want less sugar in your diet, you will love Pomona’s Pectin.

Use Pomona’s Pectin to make healthy fruit jams and jellies. Give your family the very best jams and jellies you can make. Each package will make two to four batches so it is economical as well. Pomona’s Pectin is natural and healthy. It is Jam making time. Make it a healthy alternative.

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