“Star Wars”, Star Dishes

The Force accompanies the protagonists of the franchise “Star Wars” but, in addition, the star heroes must feed well to live the adventures that have been hooking their followers for a quarter of a century. Thibaud Villanova describes in the book “Star Wars”, some of the galactic menus that can be savored in the worlds that Luke Skywalker explores.

The most famous galactic saga in the history of cinema, “Star Wars”, has served as inspiration to multiple creators of the most different specialties. From experts in special effects, computer creators of software or designers of increasingly spectacular scenarios. Now Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, hand in hand with George Lucas, JJ Abrams or Rian Johnson, have also been a source of culinary inspiration.

The creator of kitchen Thibaud Villanova has given birth to the galactic kitchen work “Star Wars a la carte” (40 recipes from a galaxy far, far away), with an eye on the franchise of George Lucas, and whose work has been It is made up of around forty recipes that, without a doubt, do not leave anyone indifferent.

Healthy and easy to make dishes

We interviewed this chef of French cuisine born in 1985 who, in 2014, created the brand Gastronogeek and, in September of that same year he launched his first cookbook on topics of culture “geek”, a collective that have the technology and the imagination always in its essential referent.

How did you come up with the idea of making the book?

The idea came from several things, but the development of the brand and the “Gastronogeek” books had shown my publisher and me a certain interest in France for a public passionate about the gastronomy of the imagination.

The concept of my books is based on the desire to create healthy dishes, easy to make at home and immersed, as much as possible, in the imaginary worlds to which I wish to pay tribute. Being a great admirer and a great connoisseur of the Star Wars saga, I wanted to create a complete book dedicated to a gastronomy inspired by the whole universe devised by George Lucas, an incredible adventure. I hope we have lived up to it!.

Tell me two dishes for some young “millennial” and two for their parents.

The first for young people may be “Theed’s aromatic cream”. It is a delicate, floral and fragrant entry around the egg. The idea is to illustrate the discovery of the planet Naboo with a precise but tasty recipe, all in color.

We remember that the planet Naboo is a non-real planet that would belong to the system of the same name in the universe of Star Wars that appears in the episodes of saga I, II, III and in the special edition of the VI.

The inspiration of matcha tea

The second dish may be the “King tapas”. A set of oriental-inspired tapas, which illustrates King’s life in the Jakku desert. I really liked being able to work around The Force Awakens, and especially to be able to invite BB-8 into the photo. The creator now offers us the proposals for those supposed fathers of the young “millennials”.

“I propose for them” stratospheric risotto “: a slightly complicated but delicious dish, inspired by the adventures of Han Solo, Leia and Chewbacca on the planet Bespin. And the second could be the “blue shake”: a recipe to propose an emblematic drink of the saga!.

What have been the most “galactic” ingredients that you have used in your recipes?

Well, I do not know if this is the answer I expected, but when I did a lot of research on the book, I became addicted to an ingredient that I’ve been using a lot in my kitchen since then: matcha.

It is a ground green tea from Japan that gives a sublime green tone and a subtle flavor to the recipes. I tend to use it a lot since then and look for different varieties, according to the dishes and flavor agreements I want to create.

So the planets, imaginary or not, the evil warriors or heroes and the universe of “Star Wars”, has granted this special chef a “strength” that has fed his ideas and got that, from now on, in addition to see and enjoy a movie of the saga, we can leave the cinema and taste some of its special flavors.

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