Start Cooking With The Top Thai Grocery Items

Thai food is the world’s famous, exotic and the most coveted cuisine of the world. The flavors and fragrances of Thai’s food are seemingly inexhaustible. The rich curries and their flavors have made a rage of Thai’s food in international cuisine.

Pounded herbs not only infuse food with aroma but it also ensures that herb’s medicinal properties and essential oils are retained. For people who like to know about various famous Thai cuisines and grocery

• Thai Noodle Soup – For all chicken lovers’ chicken soup is a good appetizer and the Thai version of it is very exotic that wonders your taste buds. The grocery items for Thai noodle soup include broccoli, chicken, fried garlic and coconut milk. It is the best appetizer and makes you feel better at times.

• Gka Prow a.k.a Basil Chicken – This single plate dish is made up with a lot of workloads as it involves plenty of basil leaves, minced chicken, fresh chili, soy sauce, black pepper, oyster sauce, palm sugar and chopped garlic. Serving this with steamed rice makes a heavenly dining experience.

• Hot Yellow Curry with Vegetables – This Thai cuisine is made to impress your guests with ambrosial Thai yellow curry with vegetables and coconut. It is an easy, spicy and spectacular item with an aromatic taste.

• Raw Papaya Salad – This cuisine is delicious and fiery made up with toss shaved papaya, carrots, red chilies, tomatoes, soy sauce, lemon juice and is decorated with crushed peanuts.

• Sticky Rice with Mango – It is a Thai dessert and is popularly known as ‘Khao Neow Ma Muang’. It has a combination of creamy coconut milk with sticky rice and mangoes.

• Chicken and Tofu Satay – This is a perfect party chicken appetizer that is made up of chicken marinated in oriental flavors and grilled to perfection. Serve this with peanut sauce and bask and add glory to your party.

• Rocky’s Pad Thai – Pad Thai is a recreation to Thai’s flavored recipe and is a combination of flat rice noodles with prawns, chicken, onions, garlic, bean sprouts and tamarind.

• Thai Steamed Fish – Fish steamed in assorted oriental flavors and showered with sweet and sour sauce. This is a feast for the feast lovers with Thai touch to fish fry.

• Massaman Curry (Thai Muslim Curry) – Recipe with the mouthwatering combination of chicken, potatoes, coconut milk, cardamom, cashews, peanuts, lime, cinnamon, and bay leaves only.

• Thai Fish Cakes with Pineapple Chutney – Coated with breadcrumbs and fried; the golden Thai Fish Cakes are the ideal way to surprise your guests and family on special occasions. Make sweet pineapple chutney to add balance to this recipe.

The above recipes are Thai’s best cuisines made up of the best Thai grocery items and are world famous for their taste and flavor. Surprise your family and friends with world famous Thai cuisine.

The use of natural spices and herbs add a distinct taste and texture to Thai cuisine. The most interesting and commonly used Thai grocery items in cooking food are pounded herbs in place of chopped ones.

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