The One and Only Pepper Jelly

Remember when jam and jelly used to be sweet? It was, and still is made with fruits and people have come up with interesting combinations to put together in order for us to have a vast variety. Jelly is something most of us have had at one time or another, it’s great on toast, it is a key ingredient in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it is a sweet treat any time of day or night.

So what is the deal with pepper jelly? It is perhaps a step up in the condiment ideal, it takes something that is traditionally sweet and kicks it up a notch with the heat of the pepper. Mixing things together is always fun, though it doesn’t always end up tasting good, but with this combination, they hit upon a real winner. People love their sweet tastes and they love their heat so it was only natural that somewhere along the line someone decided to try them together.

Pepper jelly has been a popular condiment for decades now, and like with most things, people have come up with interesting ways to use it. Yes, it can be used like regular jelly on things like toast and sandwiches, and it can also be used on things like meat as a marinade of sorts, in dips and as a topping for anything from a bagel to ice cream.

It comes in a wide array of flavours, each with a definite kick of heat, though it’s not what you’d call spicy or too hot to handle. Instead the flavours are infused together to create something that is just that little bit more special than regular old jelly. Use it combined with cream cheese to create that perfect bagel, or try it in a chip dip to give that little fruity taste to your newest party creations– who ever said dip had to be savoury?

For another idea, spread the pepper jelly on your meat before you grill. It doubles as a rub and a marinade if you water it down a bit (with juice to maintain the fruitiness) and it will give your meat just a taste of sweet mixed with heat, a combination that no one can refuse and just another way to get pepper jelly into your routine.

From a sweet start, jelly sure has taken off and today can be found in many flavours and combinations. What are you waiting for?

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