The Tasty Halal Indian Pakistani Food in Australia

You have to gel in the new environment and traditions when living, traveling or studying abroad. However the food is a very important part of our lives but for some people food is love. Food lovers no matter where in the world they are cannot live without the delicious cuisine they love. While finding a true traditional cuisine in other countries could become hard, finding traditional cuisine in Australia is quite easy. Mostly in the cities or countries where a majority of immigrants of specific region, race or ethnicity live, they have their traditional restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Australia is also country with a huge number of immigrants from different regions of the world. Finding a traditional and halal Indian Pakistani food here in Australia is not a problem anymore. So you do not need to control your taste buds for traditional and halal food here in Australia.

What is Halal food?

Many religions of the world restrict their followers from using specific food items. For example, Islam forbids Muslims to use the flesh of pig, blood, donkeys, horses and other vicious animals in eating. Such items which are forbidden to eat are normally referred to as Haram in Arabic. The ones that are permissible are referred to as Halal food.

Halal Indian Pakistani food items available in Australia:

The subcontinent is famous for its food loving people and spicy cuisines. If you have ever been to the subcontinent, you know how passionate those people are about eating. Most halal subcontinent cuisines contain a number of spices. Especially Punjab is known for its spicy recipes and foodies. Most of famous halal Indian Pakistani food items are found in Australia because these true foodies can’t control their taste buds. Here is the list of some famous cuisines found in Australia:

Sindhi Biryani:

Sindhi Biryani is equally famous in both Pakistan and India. Yet there are now different recipes of biryani, Sindhi Biryani, however, remains the ultimate love of these people. Made of dozens of special Sindhi spices, this amazing cuisine brings water in the mouth of every Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi.

It is served with raita (yogurt mixed with vegetables) and contains any of the beef, chicken or mutton.

Multani Korma:

A spicy cuisine from the city of saints and the land of 5 rivers Punjab, Multani Korma is a curry. Made with using special spices Multani korma is one of the most famous dishes served during events in the Subcontinent region. There are also many other variants of this delicious curry some of them are:

• Chicken Badami(almond) Korma: it contains chicken and almonds along with other korma spices.

• Mutton Korma: Instead of chicken, Mutton is used along with other spices

• Mutton Badami Korma

Karahi Gosht:

A lot of halal Indian Pakistani foods contain meat as the primary substance. Karahi Gosht is another very famous and delicious cuisine. It has different recipes but the most common one is a chicken karahi. Other famous recipes include:

• Chicken white karahi

• Chicken Tikka Karahi

• Dhakka karahi

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