The Way to Health Through a Diet

There has been so many issues pertaining to the food we eat, whether we are eating healthy or putting poison in our stomach. This has become particularly imperative in the wake of genetically modified foods that are gracing our dining tables and cross border diets engendered by the emergence of a global village. Other issues involve vegetarianism and the vegan introduction, where people indulge in abstinence from animal foods. For some, it is the way to spiritual ascent. For others, it is simply following the trend of. But the question is, what is the best directive for healthy living?

To begin with, each individual is connected to the soil of his birth by ties of radiation. Hence, his health depends to a large extent on the food produced from his soil of birth. And it also depends on the time of harvest. So it follows that maximum benefit is usually got from eating foods that are produced in its season. Yam is to be consumed more at the season of yam, blackberry to be consumed at the time of blackberry harvest. This gives maximum radiation potential for the individual.

But it is also important to note that part of the cosmic duties of animals is the provision of food for human beings. Hence there is absolutely nothing wrong with the eating of Animals. But the important thing is that such animals should not be made to suffer unnecessarily before its death, and that preferably such an animal is not a pet, that is, the soul is not molded with love. If that is the case, the agony will follow it to the beyond, and the custodian beings will not be happy.

The human spirit, in its evolution over millennia, is expected to have developed its body in such a way that gradually it moves away from animal protein. Hence, it is meant to gradually move from eating red meat to white meat, to sea food, and finally become vegetarians. But reincarnation, with its karmic burden, resulted in many souls that have already developed retrogressing. This means that on earth today there are preponderance of people who still need red meat for their sustenance living with people who naturally have outgrown that level and should only eat white meat and others. A few have naturally graduated to being comfortable with sea food. But Vegetarianism should be the next natural evolution point. Therefore those who take the initiative are taking the future now, and may end up the worse for it.

It is recommended that a vegetable diet should be taken for a maximum of twenty-one days for internal purification, except where it becomes necessary to use it therapeutically to help alleviate some ailments. in that case it can be taken as long as health requires.

Vegetarianism, though it decreases sexual urge, does not increase spirituality. Instead, it may even hamper it. It is here equated to fasting which weakens the body but does not strengthen the spirit, thus making the spirit appear stronger where nothing like that is the case.

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