Unique Catering Menu Ideas For Your Eventful Parties

Whether you are hosting a corporate party or a family get-together, one of the very first things that you need to do is hire a professional caterer. They can provide the best catering menu that your guests may be delighted with. And it is important for the host to select the menu as per the event, the total number of guests invited to the party and theme of the bash. The catering services can also ask the client about their preferences and offer different options of the food menu.

What should your catering menu comprise of?

When creating the catering menu for a particular event, it is important to remember that there are basically two types of menu: formal and an informal one. People usually opt for the formal menu for elegant events like weddings, graduations, and other special occasions. And the informal menu is chosen for events like corporate meetings, birthday parties, and small office parties. In the formal menu, all the meals will be elegantly designed with an aesthetic appeal, while the informal menu will comprise of simple meals including desserts, snacks, and finger foods.

Here are important aspects that a catering menu should have:

Main course- It is the crucial part of any catering menu and it may include a variety of delicious dishes include sandwiches, rice, pasta, and burgers. The caterers also include different types of meat and fish dishes in the main course, so that the guests can enjoy their food.

Side dishes- The side dishes that are offered on the menu needs to complement the main course item that your menu comprises of. For instance, if the main course has steak or meat preparation, it should have the side dish of potato, mayo sauce, and vegetable salad. On the other hand, people willing to eat light main course like pasta cab have other side dish options like a salad or broccoli.

Snacks- Depending upon the type of event, people can choose the snacks accordingly. For example, for eventful parties, one can opt for finger chips, sandwiches, and wraps.

Desserts- The catering menu should have mouth-watering desserts like pastries, cakes, brownies or cookies, as these food options can easily lure the guests.

Points to keep in mind while planning the catering menu:

Deciding the catering menu for different events can be an extremely daunting task for the host. Here are some important factors that should be taken into consideration before selecting the food menu:

Type of event- It is crucial to finalizing the catering menu as per the type of event organized. One should think about different factors like age, culture and socio-economic background of the guests who would be attending the event, and decide the menu accordingly.

The timing of the event- The timing of the party is another pivotal aspect that should be kept in mind while choosing the food menu. Whether the caterers would serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon snacks will depend on what time of day a catering event is scheduled.

Client’s budget- The budget will always have a huge impact on the catering services and it will help the host select the dishes accordingly.

By: Shy Pahlavani

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