Yummy Pepper Jelly

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the stuff of lunch box legend. Unless you have a peanut allergy, this staple has probably been with you since the beginning. It’s one of the greatest lunch foods there is–until the emergence of pepper jelly, because now, you have all those flavours in a sweet-heat treat that goes wonderfully on bread, crackers, bagels and the like. Move over, peanut butter, because today’s lunchbox can have something a little better–pepper jelly and cream cheese! Okay, I admit it doesn’t have the same ring to it as PB&J, but it’s yummy. It’s really yummy.

So many dishes are getting an extra kick nowadays just by adding pepper jelly to the mix. It comes in a lot of different fruity flavours so you never have to just stick to one, unless of course you want to. From glazing meat while barbecuing, to using it in pulled pork and to things like sauces for wings and as an addition to a stir fry, this stuff is not only delicious, but it’s versatile too.

So now let’s explore some of the more interesting uses for this sweet-heat treat. What about blending it into your next margarita? Not only will your drink be sweeter and fruitier but it will also have a little something extra, a little kick of heat. Same goes for home made frozen ice treats. Simply blend some of the stuff in with the other ingredients, freeze and enjoy.

It can also be used to make candied bacon, and really, who wouldn’t enjoy candied bacon? As well as being a dip for egg rolls or a dip for vegetables at a party. Who could resist? Sauce for hot wings, sauce for meats and sauce for vegetables, this stuff can do it all. But what about ice cream?

Ice cream is a great thing because you can put almost anything on top of it to create a masterpiece. Try your favourite flavour of pepper jelly and you have taken ice cream to a whole new level. Sure you get your fruity flavour but you also get that kick of heat and what goes better with a kick of heat than a creamy spoonful of ice cream?

With so many variations, you’ll want to try your pepper jelly in your own recipes to see if you can come up with a fan favourite of your own. Bon appetit!

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