The 2024 Cherry Blossom Forecast for Japan has been officially released.

The United States is currently experiencing a harsh cold spell, but Japan is already looking forward to spring and making predictions about the return of its renowned cherry blossoms. The good news is that the blossoms are expected to arrive earlier than anticipated.

According to the Japan Meteorological Corporation, the cherry blossoms are predicted to start blooming around Tokyo on March 23, with full bloom expected around March 30. In the Kochi Prefecture, located further south, the blooms are expected to begin appearing around March 18. In Hokkaido, the northern region of Japan, travelers can expect the blossoms to start around May 2. Lastly, in Kyoto, the blooms are expected to emerge on March 23, with full bloom occurring at the beginning of April.

The Japan Times reported that the dates for western and eastern Japan are slightly earlier than average due to higher temperatures in November and December. The weather agency also mentioned that climate change is causing the cherry blossoms to bloom earlier and making their prediction more challenging.

Regarding the duration of the blossoms, Live Japan, a tourism site, explained that they typically remain on the branches for about two weeks from opening to peak bloom. The duration depends on the temperatures and weather conditions during the season. If you miss the main bloom in the southern regions, you can always try your luck by traveling further north.

It is important to note that the predicted bloom date may be revised multiple times leading up to the actual day. In 2023, the weather experts revised their estimation 13 times and managed to get it within 2.1 days of accuracy.

If you are curious about when the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC will bloom, you will likely have to wait a few more weeks. The official Cherry Blossom Watch website stated that it is still too early to determine the precise timing of the famous cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin in Spring 2024.

However, based on last year’s experience, it can be expected that the cherry blossoms in D.C. will bloom sometime around mid-spring.