This Online Tool Assists You in Determining Whether to Reserve a Flight Using Cash or Miles.

Travelers who are in search of affordable flights often begin their search on Google Flights. However, there is now a new tool available that takes this process a step further to ensure the best decision is made when booking.

This tool is called Points Path, and it is a free browser extension that can be downloaded on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It compares the prices of airline miles versus cash prices on American, Delta, and United flights, with plans to include many more airlines and frequent flier programs in the future.

According to Julian Kheel, the founder of Points Path, this tool is designed for travelers who do not have the time to become experts in using frequent flyer miles. It allows them to quickly find the best flights available with their travel rewards and determine whether they are getting a good deal. The results from Points Path appear directly within Google Flights, eliminating the need for a separate website or app.

Since its launch three months ago, Points Path has made significant progress. It now offers “true round-trip pricing,” which sets it apart from other cheap flight services. This feature is crucial because airlines often offer discounted fares for round-trip tickets rather than one-way tickets. By providing round-trip award prices, Points Path ensures a more accurate comparison and helps travelers decide when to redeem their miles for flights.

After comparing the rates, travelers can proceed to book directly with the airline’s website, whether they choose to pay in cash or miles.

Points Path has already gained popularity, with over 9,000 travelers downloading the tool. It has proven to be one of the most valuable resources for finding affordable airfare.